Contact Info:

Tim Mayo

P.O. Box 522

Brattleboro, VT 05302-0522


Tim Mayo Poet  

Contact Info:

Tim Mayo

P.O. Box 522

Brattleboro, VT 05302-0522



“As if in Heaven”


“The Remedy” 

“Leaving Brahms, an Elegy”

“Talking to the Dead”


“Tumbleweed” &“La Belle Dame Sans Merci”

"Constant Replay" 

"The Loneliness of Dogs" 

"All the Women I almost Married"

"Blackberry Poems" 

"Red Convertible" 

"The German Doctor"

 "Honey," "The Obituaries" & "Playing with Szymborska"

"Falling Off in Another Country"

​"Frame of Reference with Sun Breaking Through"

"The River Merchant's Answer to His Wife"

"Learning the Letter O"

"Chasing the Bear from the Birdfeeder"

"The Mussel Pickers"

"The Uncapping"

Four Poems: "Victor of Aveyron," "The Black Wolf of Your Past," "Listening to the First Cut of Mingus' Oh, Yeah," "The Hermit's Tale"

​"Honey" (Mass. Poetry Poem of the Moment)

"Prepping the Pig (1966)" (Rat's Ass Review)

"All the Women I Almost Married" (The Writer's Almanac)

"Revocable Beauty" (Turtle Island)

"The Moral of the Story" (The American

Journal of Poetry)

"​Fairy Tale for a Young Inpatient" and

"A Game of Cards" (Prachya Review)

"The Elephant in the Room" (ONE, Jacar


"A Brief Explanation of the Psychotic Universe"

and "Bagatelle to Stay Awake on Night Shifts"

(Nine Muses Poetry)

"The Gospel of Numbers Not in Service" 

​(Valparaiso Poetry Review)

"Brainectomy" (The American Journal of Poetry)

"The Legacy of Elms" (Rat's Ass Review)

"Fisher's Barn" & "An Incidental List of Loss"

(Rat's Ass Review)

"Berceuses" (Nine Muses Poetry)

"Untitled" (The Nonconformist Literary Magazine)

"Amelia's Cat" (Rat's Ass Review)

​"Cheongsam" & "The Archaeology of Remembrance"

(The Hamilton Stone Review)

   "The March Hare(Verse-Virtual)

"Trapezing in God's Country," "Puppet Therapy"

"Working in Detox" (Connotation Press)